Blessed evening! Greatful to be here. Astonished by harmony of music, silence, readings and prayers. Would love to bring my children to the next Nightfever in London. Thank you all for this great opportunity!
Next Nightfever


The event was planned initially as a one off event in the aftermath of World Youth Day 2005 in Cologne. It was based on an initiative by the students Katharina Fassler-Maloney, member of the Emmanuel Community and Andreas Süß (now Fr Andreas Süß ). Due to the resounding success, the event continued to be held monthly in Bonn and has now spread from there to more than 35 cities in Germany and abroad. The name Nightfever and the concept of the evening are largely taken from a “Nightfever event” organised by the Emmanuel Community, which was first organised at World Youth Day 2005 in Cologne and then repeated in Sydney in 2008. Nightfever evenings are not organised by a single community alone, but are the result of volunteers, religious orders and groups working together.

The first years
Since the beginnings of Nightfever, the word spread quickly and students in other cities began running it in their churches, too. Freiburg (Germany) Erfurt (Lorenzkirche), Cologne (cathedral) and Mainz (Augustinerkirche) followed in 2006. This has led to Nightfever being organised regularly in over 30 German cities. The word has continued to spread, and many young Catholics beyond Germany have started Nightfever in their countries, such as Vienna in May 2008. Nightfever has now spread to other European countries, such as Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands,Denmark, the UK and Ireland.
Nightfever is even a regular event at major events such as the Ecumenical Church Gathering (Ökumenischer Kirchentag), the Annual Church Meeting (Kirchentag), the Catholic Assembly (Katholikentag), and at various congresses (all Germany).

As Nightfever was founded by students, it continues to be led by young adults and all ages are invited to take part. Each city which runs Nightfever is self sufficient and independent but ensures to keep the Nightfever elements at it’s core. All Nightfever teams meet twice a year for a weekend away to share, celebrate fellowship, and worship together.
Having grown so fast in such a short time, Nightfever requires a leadership which overlooks the initiative as a whole; co-founder chaplain Andreas Süß is holding this office at the moment.