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What is Nightfever?

An Evening at Nightfever

The Holy Mass
The evening begins with the Holy Mass, celebrated by the parish priest, accompanied by a music ministry and attended by many of the volunteers and local parishioners.

Prayer, Music, Reconciliation
After a short time of preparation, the Blessed Sacrament is then exposed on the altar for the duration of the evening and the music minstry lead a gentle time of prayer and reflection. We remember that it is Jesus, truly present in the Blessed Sacrament, who has invited each person on this special night, to come closer to Him to receive his love and mercy. Throughout the evening, people are encouraged to open their hearts to Him, He who is the source of all peace, love and mercy, and to place before him all the intentions of their heart. To help them to come to closer to the Lord, the steps of the altar are beautifully adorned with candles, baskets for prayer intentions and words of scripture.
Several priests are available to offer prayer, counsel and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Our Nightfever volunteers have the desire to share the joy of their faith and the love of God. For that reason, they go out into the local streets to invite people to open their hearts to the Lord, hoping to reach those who do not believe in Him or do not think of Him. They do this with a simple invitation to come and light a candle in the church. Many people are touched by the offer and accept this invitation. Once the volunteers have guided them into the church and explained the evening, most are struck by the candlelight, the beautiful music and the busy pews of people who have gathered to pray before the one who has truly invited them, Jesus.

The Nightfever Initiative
Nightfever is largely organised by young Catholics who seek to reach others with the message of the love of God. Nightfever can be organised by different parishes, communities, lay people, young and old! Everyone who shares the same ideas as Nightfever is welcome to get involved. With our initiative we would particularly like to reach out to young people who have strayed away from the Church and to draw them closer to the faith once again. At the root of this initiative is the simple message, as it is says in the gospel of John “Come and see!” (John 1,46).